Codex on Althash

 An Ecosystem for Developers of The New Generation

Pushing innovation behind blockchain applications and software development.

Lightening Fast Transfers

Nearly Fee-less transactions

Based on HTMLCoin

Software as a Service (SaaS):

Services:  VIP on HRC20 CDEX Bot, Codex Forum, Althash University, Codex Freelance Platform

VIP on HRC20 CDEX bot includes several exclusive features that allow users to experience the bots full functionality. Including: VIP airdrops, airdrop log, random monthly rewards, and more to come!

Cost: 100K HTML            # of existing VIPs: 60

  • 50K HTML if you hold more than 100K CDEX (50% off)

The Codex Forum is a FREE service that connects coders, programmers, developers, and Althash Enthusiasts on a communicative-forum that makes it easy for them to engage and develop. 


Users can hold discussion and post in relation to Althash or the 'Codex Freelance Platform'. A platform which is being developed for freelance coders.

Althash University is a collaborative project between the Althash Core team and the Codex Core team. This FREE service aims to reach out to blockchain clubs across the world to partake in an initiative to engage in HTMLs blockchain and create apps using tokens from the ecosystem.

The platform aims to connect:

● Freelancers

● Programmers

● Coders

● Applicators, software and blockchain engineers

● Those into AI technologies

● Anyone in the progressive- technologies industry


By using the ‘Codexworkplace’, developers are able to network by listing jobs or accepting jobs listed. This creates an environment of like-minded, hardworking freelancers working at a common goal, to create high- value software and applications for Althash.

How The Codex Ecosystem Operates