Security / Best Practices

Keeping your HTMLCoin and HRC20 tokens Safe.

The Codex on Althash and HTMLCoin development team will not tolerate ANY unofficial software on any of our social sites, no matter how helpful or innocuous it seems. GITHUB is the only place to get your HTMLCoin software. Unofficial tools, such as the price hacking tool that infected other crypto community in October 2017 causing some of its members to lose all of their coins, can carry viruses that could jeopardize the security of the HTMLCoin network.

In order to help reduce the chances of a virus infecting our community, we will delete any post or link with a download of an executable file or application (including mobile apps) across all communities, including Reddit, Telegram, Slack and elsewhere. This includes price trackers, market analysis apps, portfolio trackers, and even development tools. The only source of HTMLCoin and Codex on Althash tools will be our github site and HTMLCoin's github site. If you are to download third party tools for your own private use, please only do from reputable app stores and sites, and be advised that you do so at your own risk.


What Can You Do?

We would like to remind everyone that our recommendation is ALWAYS to store your wallets as safely as possible, even on a separate computer (a raspberry pi can be used) from your normal every day machine if possible.

Keep all anti-virus software up to date, run scans regularly, and follow the rules of common sense and good hygiene in what you run on your computer and the sites you visit.

In addition, if you think your machine may have been compromised, even if your wallet is encrypted, you should move all of your coins to a newly generated wallet on a secure computer. Encryption is slow to break, but it is possible with weak passwords, and if the virus also installed a keylogger onto your computer, hackers could acquire logs that include your password.


Remember, while your wallet is running there is always the risk that it could be infected by Android or iOS exploits that allow a hacker to read your data, so please be as diligent and responsible as you can in keeping your devices virus free and your wallets safe. There is no such thing as being too paranoid when thinking about the security of your PC, Mac, or mobile wallet.

Thank you, and please keep security in mind when storing your HTMLCoin and HRC2O tokens.